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A Tour of Utopius “Keystone” Product Line-Up

Being the new kid on the block means you’ve got to make a lasting, positive impression. To that end, you may have heard of us.

But hearing is one thing. The truth is, you can’t really have a good idea of what a company is and what it stands for until you see and try their products. A lot of nutrition companies are vying for the attention of potential customers first, and thinking about the quality, taste and potency of their products second. We’ve made certain that our initial line-up of products meets the highest standard this industry has so that we can comfortably make the promise to our customers that shopping at Utopius means expecting – and getting – the best. Basically, we think putting our product first is thinking about the customer first.

So what is our line-up, and why does it matter? Here’s the deal: there are two types of CBD users: those who have been using CBD for a while now and have found it to increase their quality of life, and those who haven’t yet, but want to. So our line-up is a statement that the best way to serve the latter group, is to provide for the former. We needed products that would fit into the everyday routine of an active, intense life-style health nut, and work to make it easy for the curious person who has never tried CBD be able to transition into that ideal.

We landed on 7 keystone items. 4 of which are the oils that are simple, tested, and approved necessities. 2 are unique edibles that introduce a new way of enjoying CBD, and 1 of which we believe shows the promise of how CBD can evolve.




Each one of these items we call “Keystone” items because they represent what we believe to be fundamental building blocks of the CBD experience. They are all beautifully complex items that deserve an article each to describe why we chose them out of every other option (and believe us: we’ll make an article for each), but more than that we think they are the common denominator between the everyday CBD champion, and someone who is just now hearing about CBD for the first time.

By the way, if you’re new to CBD, we’ll have some important articles upcoming for you, too.

Okay, you wonder, this Utopius company has some interesting products, but what exactly makes them so special?

We’re glad you wondered.

CBD is a complex enough topic that numerous articles can and have been written covering just how critical it is that the raw materials be tested for purity, potency, and consistency. We don’t just run potency tests like a lot of others and call it a day – our “variety” testing method guarantees that we know everything there is to know about what we’re selling, and that you know the same things we do. Not only do we provide our full testing information for potency, but we also provide purity and safety tests which drill into the scientific details of the product. We don’t do internal testing like other places, we rely on 3rd party organizations to provide unbiased reports on our products. This means that not only are you getting all the information you need to make a purchase you can feel comfortable with, but you can be certain the results are dependable and truthful.

Material considerations don’t end there, though. After guaranteeing potency and purity, Utopius focuses on taste and texture. Our oil selection was considered on the basis of how striking the flavors would be; from the fruity and sweet Cherry 100, to the bold intensity of our Mint Leaf, our flavors were designed by us to leave a lasting impression in your mind and tongue. Unlike a lot of oils you may have tried, the texture of oils has a light presence, and the flavors last with a subtle footprint. We’ll have a deep dive into our flavors in other articles, but make no mistake, if the soul of our CBD is the potency and purity, our heart is most definitely our hand-picked and designed flavors.

Our edible selection was based on one simple theory: go anywhere with your CBD. You shouldn’t have to field weird questions about your CBD oil application when on the go, or struggle during administration because of a bumpy ride – our Gummy edibles (whether in Full Spectrum or Isolate) are an easy, fun, and agreeable way of consuming CBD while on the go or engaged in strenuous activity. Just like the oils, our edibles feature a full-bodied taste of CBD, but leave the complexity of measuring or dosing by the wayside.

Our final selection in our keystone series is our lavender flavored Lip Balm. The concept here is about showing the flexibility of CBD through a daily need, while also replacing the bad stuff you’re likely to find in your off-the-shelf Lip Balm or ChapStick with the natural flavors and effects of CBD through a simple topical application. Our Lip Balm doesn’t just protect your lips from the wear and tear of the day, it’s another method of getting your daily dose of CBD that works while you’re on the go, or just trying to keep your CBD dosing simple, clean, and immediate. In terms of how quickly you can apply our Lip Balm, it’s actually probably the fastest way to hit the ground running with CBD.

It may seem like a complex thing to get going with CBD with the thousands of different products popping up each day, wondering about dosing, what milligram variants you should use, etc. We agree, so we’re keeping it simple: our keystone line-up are all 600 mg in potency; we think it’s a sweet spot and represents the intersection of needs between someone who is just starting, and someone who’s been riding the CBD train since day one.

So there it is. Our keystone line-up. The products we think represent the best the CBD world has to offer in a small, compact collection of striking flavors and types that will get you started and keep you going. As we said earlier, we’ll be diving deeper into each product and giving them the analytical treatment they – and you – deserve, but if you can’t wait to get started we know that each of these products represents a great and safe entry-point. In the meantime, check out each product in detail on the product pages on the website. We know you won’t be disappointed. 

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