Utopius Guarantee

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The Utopius Difference


There are hundreds of CBD companies to choose from. Some are fantastic and others are outright shams. Some make wild claims, they shout over each other and try to get your attention and business with flashy marketing. Not Utopius. We don’t think picking a CBD provider should cause you stress. We’re all about peace and zen. So here’s our offer:


The “No Nonsense” guarantee.


Our CBD products are high quality, consistent and we promise you’ll get exactly what you oder.

We don’t promise it will make you look ten years younger, grow anything three inches bigger or make you feel perfect. Ridiculous claims lead to ridiculous expectations. Our guarantee is simple and straightforward.  All of our CBD products are grown and manufactured to the highest standards in the industry and because our farm grows and produces the products we’re able to ensure consistency year in and year out. Our hemp-derived CBD is grown organically in Colorado, oils are manufactured in an FDA certified facility and none of our products contain GMO’s. If we say it’s “vegan” then it’s vegan. If we say it’s “safe” then it’s safe. Our products are double third-party tested to ensure that they are safe, that they have (or don’t have) what we say and so you can count on consistent quality each and every time.

We can’t tell you what will be most effective for you (or even if CBD will be effective for you at all) but if you find the quality of our product is unsatisfactory in any way just contact us and we’ll make it right.


That’s our promise. That’s Utopius.


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