Who we are

 Cameron Hughes :: (Chief Operations Officer)

Every ship needs a Captain — someone to lay out the route and guide the crew towards land through rough waters, unseen disasters and the occasional mythical monster encounter. Cam Hughes is Utopius’s captain: since the start of the Utopius project, he has overseen, funded, and designed the direction of the website. Ensuring that Utopius lives up to its ambition, amazing customer service, and philanthropic ideals are just a few of Cam’s daily tasks.

 Spencer Lyon :: (Chief Executive Officer)

No ship can survive without a Navigator looking to the skies to figure out not only where you are, but where to head next. It’s fortunate, then, that our Navigator is Spencer Lyon. One of the co-founders of Utopius, Spencer brings untold amounts of product experience, marketing, and management
know-how to Utopius. With his guidance and hands-on approach, Spencer sweats both the big and small stuff, making sure that Utopius isn’t just another place to get CBD products, but the best place on the web to learn about and buy them.

 Greg Hughes :: (Chief Technology Officer)

A ship needs constant care and attention to ensure that no unfortunate leaks lead a drowning (and unhappy) crew. Consider Greg Hughes the ultimate deckhand: utilizing a mix of programming wizardry and other gee-whiz technical whatsits, he keeps the Utopius website in fit condition for even the harshest storms at sea, while also inventing new features to keep the crew looking towards the future.

 Mr Tom Allen :: (Vice President)

Cabin boys are an essential part of any crew; helping to bear the load of heavy responsibilities. Mr. Tom Allen is the best there is in facilitating operations at Utopius through on- and off-site work. A jack-of-all-trades with knowledge of just about every thing we do here at Utopius, Tom’s aid is nearly herculean in its importance. The coffee cups are always filled. RIP