Affiliate Resources – Help

Thank you for becoming a Utopius affiliate!

Our affiliate programs allows you to start making money today, and we want that process to be both simple and fun for you! Here’s a mini-tour of our affiliate section of the website, and a tutorial on how you can start generating income through the sales of Utopius’ products.

Near the top of this page is the Affiliate menu; this menu affords you all functionalities currently present on the Website. The menu items are:

  • Help (The page you’re on now)
  • Affiliate URLs
  • Statistics
  • Graphs
  • Referrals
  • Payouts
  • Visits
  • Creatives
  • Settings
  • Log out

We’ll break down each of these functions, one-by-one, and help you learn how to get the most of your Affiliate status.

Affiliate URLs

We’ll start with one of the most important pages: Affiliate URLs.

One of the ways in which affiliates can earn money is by having a potential customer follow a link to the Website that you create through our system. This link can point to any part of the Website that you think will be eye-catching to a potential customer, and maybe generate a sale. A good choice for one of these links may be, for example, a link to a specific product on the Website. Once you have a link in mind, you may copy and paste that URL into the text-field named “Page URL.” Once you’ve done that, you may optionally enter in a Campaign Name for your link; this doesn’t do anything special, but it does help categorize your links for you as an organizational tool. When you’re finished, all you need to do to is click the large “Generate URL” button at the bottom of the page. The system then generates a special referral URL near the top of the page. This link should look something like when it’s generated by our system:*

You can now freely copy and paste this link anywhere on the web, in e-mails you author, or in other programs you may use to help with marketing. When a user clicks that link to come to our website and purchase an item in the store, you’ll be awarded some portion of the sale depending upon your commission rate and your status with Utopius.

*Note: it is possible that the link looks different in the future, but it should still work similarly.


Careful affiliates will refer to the Statistics page often, so they can keep track of how efficient they are being.

It’s on this page that an affiliate can check to see how many referrals they have made, how many confirmed visits (times a person has come through their generated link) there are, and how often they successfully converted a potential customer. Converted customers not only used the generated link, but successfully completed a purchase through the Website. A high conversion rate means more of the people who visit through your link are buying Utopius’ products than leave without purchasing anything.

An affiliate may also check their total earnings through this page, and see their Commission rate (how much of each sale they receive). Finally, this page also shows how many referrals remain unpaid.


An affiliate will use the Graphs section of the affiliate portal to track referrals over large or specific periods of time in a visual way. The horizontal or X-axis represents time and the vertical or Y-axis represents the number of referrals made. The data points are color coded to indicate the type of referral earnings: Yellow are Unpaid Referral Earnings, Light Blue are Pending Referral Earnings, Red are Rejected Referral Earnings, and Green are Paid Referral Earnings.


The Referrals page is a table of all referrals made, along with their status. This page is important because it shows how much money was generated on a per-referral basis (this is based on an Affiliate’s Commission rate), and whether or not the status of the referral was accepted or rejected. Accepted referrals may be paid out to the affiliate, while rejected referrals may not be. Referrals may be rejected for various reasons, but the most common is that the order the referral is associated with was cancelled, or was never successfully made.

The date of the referral is also listed, and is important to note! Referrals can take 1 month from the time the order is completed to be paid out in full, so make sure to pay attention to the date the referral was made if you expect payment was delayed or never posted.


The Payout section of the affiliate portal contains information about the date a payment was made to an affiliate, the amount they were paid, and what payment method was used to payout. The status also indicates whether or not a payment was voided.


Visits shows an affiliate which URLs that they generated via the “Affiliate URLs” tool have been used by potential customers, as well as the source of the traffic (a referring Website, a search engine, etc). It also posts whether or not that particular visit converted the user that made the visit, as well as when that visit occurred.


An affiliate can visit our Creatives section of the affiliate area to get access to professionally created promotional materials they may use to help entice users to click one of their affiliated links. These may be snippets of code that an affiliate can copy and paste to their website (if they have one), banner ads, images, or anything else that can serve our affiliates needs.


The Settings page allows an affiliate to enter in or change the e-mail they use for payouts. To change this, enter in your payout e-mail and click the “Save Profile Settings” button at the bottom of the page.

Log out

An Affiliate may click the Log out option on the menu to log out of the Affiliate section and Website.